Sunday, 19 October 2014

Yollies Yoghurt Lollies* | Review

New to Dexter's list of foods have been fromage frais and yoghurts which he absolutely loves, so when we came across the new Yollies yoghurt lollies* from the makers of Cheese Strings we had to give them a try. They were extremely hard to find when they first came out although I was advised that they should be on offer in Asda stores across the country and readily available. It took at least three weeks before they appeared in our store, and unfortunately were only in stock and on offer for £1 for a few weeks. They are currently on offer at Asda at £1.50 per pack of four, or two packs for £3.

Yollies are designed to be a fun way to get well needed calcium and vitamin D into your little ones. The yoghurt is very thick which enables it to stay on the stick itself, and come in several fruity punching flavours; strawberry, raspberry and apricot. As Dexter is only 11 months old it was pretty funny to try and watch him eat them, but they are an absolutely fantastic product for toddlers. He found it really easy to hold the stick and eat the yoghurt, although he had a tendency to put the whole lolly into his mouth.

They are the ideal size to pop into older children's lunch boxes or picnic bags too making them an ideal go-to product when little ones are out and about as they don't product much mess at all. Except for with a sticky fingered toddler.

We were sent a fantastic adventure kit to orienteer and hunt bugs out, but unfortunately Dexter is a little young for this so we're planning on using the bag as a travel bag when we head off to China in a few weeks. The kit will definitely come in handy next summer though, for me more so than him probably!

The folks over at Kerry foods also have a 'Brave Bones Club' that you and your little ones can join. The idea behind this is to encourage little ones to be more adventurous with their play showing that they can grow up to be stronger and more confident. I really love this idea, and as for someone like me who is absolutely terrified at the prospect of Dexter climbing trees etc, it can teach me a thing or two!
The adventure kit and vouchers were sent for purchasing the Yollies yoghurt lollies, but all opinions are my own. 

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