Friday, 8 May 2015

Buying clothes for young kids - things we have learnt

Buying clothes and shoes for your young children is loads of fun! You can dress them in the most adorable things like candy striped dungarees, soft bear-eared onesies and bite-sized trainers. But before we start loading our baskets full of cute outfits, we parents have to remind ourselves to be practical. Buying clothes for kids is an ongoing expense because they grow out of them so quickly. We also need to bear in mind that the clothes need to fit, be comfortable and be tough enough to withstand the yoghurt spills and  juice splashes that happen on a daily basis.

We have learnt a few things along the way that now help me to buy clothes and shoes for my child that are cute, comfy and kind to my budget.

  • Think “quality” first and foremost

A child’s skin is very delicate and sensitive and so I’ve learnt that it’s important to buy good quality garments. This is because these items are unlikely to contain materials that will irritate. But buying quality doesn’t mean spending a fortune. Brands like Bisgaard sell kids shoes that are made from high-quality durable and comfortable materials for a reasonable price. And trusty department stores like Marks and Spencers sell quality children’s clothing made from 100% cotton that won’t blow your budget.

  • Always find out about the returns policy!

When you are buying online or in store, it is always a good idea to find out about the returns policy before you purchase. Every child grows at a different rate, and although the items may advertise themselves as suitable for your child’s age group, that doesn’t mean they will always fit. Most retailers have around a two-week return policy. However, if you are buying online or purchasing a special offer or sale item, do pay careful attention because the rules may be different.

  • If in doubt, buy bigger

It’s upsetting and pretty inconvenient when you come home with the most beautiful outfit only to find it’s too tight on your little one. If you find yourself holding up two sizes for the same outfit, I’ve learnt that you should always put the bigger one in your shopping basket. If it’s too big for your child just not, they will grow into it in the near future. And, when clothes are a little loose, it makes it more comfortable when your child is being active.

  • Avoid awkward-to-open clothing

Clothes that tie with ribbons, fiddly buttons or toggles may look cute but they are a real pain in the neck when changing your child through the day. This often leads to a very impatient Mummy and child. My advice is to opt for items that are easy to open and close. I find pop buttons and zips to be the most hassle-free fasteners on children’s clothing.

Thank you for reading this post on the things we have learnt from buying kids’ clothing. If you have any information to add, I’d be very pleased to read about it.

Have a great day!

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