Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Thoughtful Gifts for a New Baby


The birth of a new baby is a huge moment in anyone's life, whether it's their first or fifth. But some people may feel a little unsure about what to buy. When someone you know has a baby, it doesn't feel like a gift could express your thoughts and feelings. There are lots of ways you can celebrate the birth by offering your support and presents. You should give them space to be a family before visiting, as well as offering them a present to welcome the new baby. You can get gifts for both for the parents and child.


Cards are useful for any occasion. Although they might not be on display for long, some people will put them away and keep them for a long time. Or they may use them for scrapbooking or crafting to turn them into something new. A simple card can give you the chance to say some heartfelt and meaningful things. You can't write a message on a box of chocolates. Plus, it allows you to say congratulations without being too intrusive. A card can come through the post, instead of needing to be delivered in person.


Flowers are another classic gift that work for just about anything. They won't last forever, but you can always dry and press them as a keepsake. They're a thoughtful gesture, and they're appropriate if you're unsure of how close your relationship is with the family. It's also easy to order flowers even if you're halfway around the world using an online flower store. Just find one that delivers locally to them. Most services will take international payments.

Practical Items

Any new parent will appreciate something practical. Babies have a huge list of things they need, so anything you give will be welcome. Think about giving nappies and wipes, clothes, toys and perhaps even vouchers for parent and baby stores. If you're not sure what to get, ask the parents if there's anything they need. It might turn out that they have too much of one thing and not enough of another.

Keepsakes and Trinkets

As much as practical gifts are always welcome, sometimes you want to give something that just looks good. When a baby is born, lots of us give little keepsakes and trinkets at the birth or christening. You can consider things like jewellery and personalised gifts. Another excellent idea is gifting the family with a session at a photography studio. They can have a family photo shoot so they've got official photos together.

Handmade Present

Everyone loves a gift that you've made yourself. If you're in any way handy or crafty, you could make something for the new family. Knit the child a jumper, bake the parents a cake or make them some candles. You could create something for the child's new room to help them personalise their space.

The process to adopt a child might be different to having one the old-fashioned way. But it's no less momentous an occasion, and it should be celebrated just as much.

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