Friday, 25 September 2015

Great little tips for first time moms

Giving birth is a truly magical experience. Don’t listen to what anyone else says, it is. It’s wonderful and the feeling of holding your baby for the first time in your arms is absolutely overpowering. There is nothing else like it and you will love every moment of it. The question I’d like to ask now is what happens after that? How do you deal with the little issues that come with bringing a baby into your home? Well, here are a few little tips I’ve gathered for first-time moms.

Record Everything
I’m not suggesting that your husband should be in the delivery room with his phone recording the grand entrance. But, after that you will want to keep a video diary and take as many photographs as you can. With the latest tech, this is easier than it used to be. There are kids from the 90’s who have got no recordings of when they were little because the devices were to expensive. But, now the tech is cheaper, and you should be recording every moment. Of course, you will remember it. But one day when your little one is all grown up, you’re going to want to look back and live these days all over again. So from the every first day, record your baby's life in this world. Newborns look adorable, especially in professional photography.

When You Can, Sleep
You’ve heard the horror stories, and now we welcome you into the nightmare. The first couple of weeks where a baby refuses to sleep at night. Now, I should stress not everyone has the issue. Some babies are perfectly content to sleep straight through the night. They even learn to wake up when you do. But not all new parents get this luxury. Instead, they’re up at two am trying to get their little bundles of joy to sleep. Then again at three...and four...and five. I’ve seen these moms try desperately to cling onto their once perfect sleeping pattern. Do yourself a favor if this happens to you and let it go. Sleep when you can, when the baby chooses to sleep, otherwise you’re going to be exhausted.

You’ll Get Used To The Mess
It’s funny, I was speaking to a new dad the other day, and he uttered the words “It’s amazing how quickly you accept being constantly covered in poo.” The mom then chimed in “It’s not as bad as it sounds” and the father quickly replied “no, it really is.” I certainly didn’t miss those first days again after that, but it is true. You just get used to the mess, and if you take my advice, you’ll have that attitude when your kids start to grow up. They’ll leave toys around the house, they might draw on the walls, and you just have to roll with it. As long as their healthy and happy, try not to stress too much about the way your home looks.

Finally, remember to enjoy these times while they last. They certainly won’t stay forever.  

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