Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Toy-Free Gift Ideas For The Kids

If you know the Grandparents have bought sack loads of toys for the kids this Christmas, you may be wondering what’s left for you to buy. Like sweets and chocolates, parents aren’t keen for kids to have too many toys at once. Fortunately, there are still plenty of awesome gift ideas for your children this year. You don’t need to resort to the sweet stuff or games if you want a great gift for the kids.

Most kids have a favourite movie or TV character. You can always look around for childrens bedding that features your child’s favourite this year. Decorating their room is a great idea for a Christmas gift. And it will last much longer than chocolates or toys too. Starting with the bedding, you could also add a lamp shade, poster, or rug to the mix. Then, of course, you’ll need to invite his friends over so he can show them his new bedroom!

Books may seem old fashioned to some kids, but smaller children love having a book in their hand. Look out for books with flaps to open or things to move. These are certainly a firm favourite. Some books, like Mog, are part of a large series that your children can collect and read over time. Older children may prefer their titles on a Kindle or other eReader. This can be a cheaper and less space consuming way to keep your kids interested in literature.

Clothing can be a very boring present to open on Christmas morning. But if it bears the image of a favourite TV character, chances are they’ll be rushing off to try it on. Most kids need new clothes every few months as they grow so rapidly. Christmas is the ideal time to pick up some outfits. Choose items that are likely to appeal if they are for a gift, though.

If your child has shown an interest in music, this year could be the year to introduce them to a musical instrument. There are plenty of free online lessons to get you started. Most classical instruments come in cheap and cheerful student outfits too. This means you haven’t spent too much if your child ends up not being that interested in the long term. Even a very young child could benefit from a small musical instrument this Christmas. You might want some earplugs too!

Older children that are interested in sports might be delighted to receive some kit or equipment. Scooters, footballs, and skateboards are all great ways for your kids to stay active. Alternatively, a voucher for some lessons or membership to a club could be a wonderful gift for a sporty child. Dance classes are also very popular at the moment. You can usually buy a term of classes as a gift.

If you’re fed up with tidying away unwanted toys every Christmas, why not try some of these ideas instead this year? You can find plenty to keep a child amused during the holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas with the kids.

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