Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What to Do to Make Your Home More Fun for Your Children

You don’t need to limit your kid’s impact on your household to their bedrooms. Many mums and dads decide to include things in their overall decor to make the home more fun for them. Having lots of colour and texture is a really good way to make your home more fun for your children. Here are some more ideas to help you:

Include Furniture Just for Them
In the living room and around the house, you could consider including furniture just for them. You have your regular adult sized furniture, and then you can have child sized furniture to go with it. You can even buy outdoor bean bags for relaxing in the garden when the weather is nice.

Add Plenty of Different Colours
Use lots of different colours in your decor. If your child has a favourite colour, then you could buy cushions and other accessories to reflect this. You can have a fairly neutral wall and floor combo, which you can then switch up by adding coloured accessories. It’ll never cost you much to replace them, and it’s cheaper than doing the walls and other elements over every time.

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Make Sure You Include a Ton of Texture
Including a ton of texture is good for young children, as it’s a sensory experience for them. That aside, it’ll make your home look more 3 dimensional and add more interest. All the top interior designers use this tip.

Get Down to Their Level
Get down to your children’s level and see if there are any changes you can make from there. See what they see and you might make a few small changes that will make the home not only more fun for them, but safer for them too.

DIY Certain Items
Why not DIY certain items? You can create canvases and even distress furniture yourself, so why not set little projects for yourself and get the kids involved?

Have a Fairy Garden in the Garden
One thing I love about making the home more fun for children, is what you can do with the garden. You can create your very own fairy garden, using ornaments and little doors attached to tree trunks. You can make it as magical and hidden away as you like to keep the kids guessing.

Make a Reading Nook
Having a reading nook in the home will not only look great, it’s great for your children’s education. All you really need is a cosy chair, a bookshelf, and a quiet corner of the house. Having somewhere they can really relax to read is a great idea and you should find them excelling in school subjects like literature!

See? You don’t have to limit your creativity to your children’s bedrooms or playrooms. You can make the whole house fun for them, including the garden if you just plan a little first. Do you have any ideas that you think would be great for kids in the home? Make sure you leave some of them below! See you back here soon.

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