Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Easy Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Party

I love going to parties, and I also enjoy throwing them myself. Having a party outdoors is the most fun, especially when it's a perfect day. It can be difficult to have a party outside, though. There are lots of things to think about when everyone is going to be out in the open elements, even if you're in your sheltered backyard. After picking a suitable location (usually your home) you have to organize a few different things. Everyone will want to have fun, and they'll all be hungry and thirsty too. Plus, there's always a chance that it could rain. Follow my tips to plan an outdoor party that goes smoothly.


Get Some Entertainment
You need to think about what's going to make your guests happy during your party. You might keep it simple and say that food, drink and chat are enough to keep everyone entertained. If you want to go a bit further, maybe you'll set up some speakers and have some music too. It's even better if you have a pool so everyone can take a swim too. However, you might want to do something extra. You could take a look at some online fireworks stores and put on a fireworks show in the evening. You could even hire some entertainment or perhaps play some games.

Make a Plan for Food and Drinks
Everyone has to eat and drink, but what arrangements are you going to make? If you don't feel like preparing anything yourself, you have some options. You can buy prepared food or even get the party catered. Another option is to ask all your guests to bring a dish. Give everyone something particular to bring, such as a salad or dessert, to make sure you don't end up with 20 plates of cookies. If you decide to make something yourself, you can't go wrong with a BBQ. You can make vegetarian dishes as well as grilling meat. If it's hot, you might prefer to keep things light with salads and small snacks.

Create Resting Areas
Your guests are probably going to want to sit down at some point. There's only so much standing everyone can do, especially if they're trying to eat and drink. If you don't have enough outdoor furniture, don't worry. Bring out some pieces from inside if there's anything you can move. If not, the easiest thing to do is to lay out some picnic blankets. Everyone can sit on the ground but still be comfortable. Include some cushions and throws to make a cozier seating space.

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Have a Backup Plan
You often have to think about the chance of rain. Even in the middle of summer, there could be a sudden storm. Most of the time, you don't have to have a complicated backup plan. If you can fit everyone in your backyard, you can hopefully get them all in your house too. Just decide what you're going to do about everything else too. For example, if you were planning on barbecuing, how are you going to cook the food if it rains?

An outdoor party will be fun for all your guests, and it doesn't take much planning. You could have it organized within a day, as long as your guests are all free.

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