Thursday, 7 April 2016

Here's Why You Should Move House...

After living in a property for a while, you often get the urge to move. It can be solved by decorating certain rooms to make it feel fresh and new again. Or you could even look at extending the home so you can take advantage of more space. However, lots of things wrong with the property can mean it’s time to look for a new house.

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You have no garden
Not having a garden can be great if you want a low-maintenance house or flat. But it’s not so good if you want to get some fresh air, and have more space for entertaining guests. They are excellent therapy for people who are suffering from depression, as gardening as a hobby can be a really way to beat stress. You can get involved planting vegetables and flowers. A garden is also good for doing some forms of exercise. Having pets also means having a garden is vital unless you want accidents in your home!

You are expecting
If you are expecting a baby, you will need more space in your property for the new child. Children need a bedroom so if you currently live in a one bedroom home; this is not going to be ideal for when the baby arrives! Also, as they grow, they will be starting to learn to walk and play with toys. If there is limited space, there will not be enough room for all their new toys. If this is the case, you should look at moving before the baby arrives! Sites like Bounty can help you when preparing to move.

Schools are not good
If it’s time to start planning where your child is going to go to school, you should look around the area to see if there are any good ones around. If you can’t find one which will be appropriate for your child, it might be time to move. Most schools will have criteria on where your child has to live to be accepted in the school. You might have to move to be in the catchment area. Also, when your child is ready for high school, you may need to move to be near the best one for their education.

You don’t like the area
If you do not like the area, then it might be time to move property. The area you live in can make a big difference to your life, and can cause you to get really down. Whether it’s the neighbours or the crime that you can’t handle, it might be worth looking at a new property. You should ask the current homeowner what the area is like, or even look online to find out more info.

It’s always good to find a new property, and moving can be an enjoyable experience. Some people recommend you move five times in your life to be truly happy!

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