Tuesday, 7 June 2016

6 Reasons Your Child Should Take Music Lessons

The word on the street is that music is the universal language of the world. No matter where you go or who you meet, if you play an instrument, you’ll be understood. Surely, there’s something behind that rumour? Is music the be all and end all of life? No, it’s not. But it is something that has many fantastic benefits, especially for children. Ask the experts and they’ll tell you the same thing - one of the best things you can do for your child is get them music lessons.
If you’re worrying about the cost of your child learning music, don’t stress. Music lessons don’t have to be expensive, especially if you opt for group ones. Plus, you don’t have to buy them their instrument of choice, you can always hire it instead. For example, there are plenty of places offering guitar, violin and piano hire, among other instruments. Don’t let the cost be the deciding factor of whether your child is able to play an instrument.
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Still not convinced that learning to play an instrument is essential for your child? Have a read of these six benefits of music lessons for kids.
1. Boosts brain power
Research has suggested that children who are exposed to music at a young age, tend to achieve more. This is because learning to read music and play different notes helps to stimulate mental activity. This boosts intelligence when it comes to core subjects like mathematics and English.
2. Helps with socialising
If your child has music lessons where they also take part in group sessions or practices, it can help their social skills. You see, playing music with others will teach them the importance of working as a team and listening to each other. It will also help them to understand how to relate to other people’s feelings and emotions.
3. Aids memory
It’s no secret that a lot of children struggle when it comes to their memory. The great thing about allowing your child to take up guitar, piano or flute lessons is that it will help to improve their memory power. Reading music and remembering melodies helps to strengthen areas of the brain that most children don’t use.
4. Fantastic form of expression
One of the best ways kids can express themselves is through the arts - dance, music and drama. This is what makes playing music such a great hobby for them. This can help to prevent a range of problems, including high stress levels and anger issues.
5. Gives them an educational advantage
I’ve already mentioned how playing music helps children to improve brain power, but that’s not all it can do when it comes to education. Children who play musical instruments are often more sought after students. This means that when applying to schools and other educational facilities, they’ll have a better chance of success.
6. Teaches the importance of practice
Last but not least, playing a musical instrument teaches the importance of practice. We tell our kids that practice makes perfect but very rarely let them see this in action. If you want your child to be a well-disciplined individual, then music lessons are a great idea.
There are so many benefits to your child learning to play a musical instrument, from educational ones to social ones.

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