Friday, 17 June 2016

Father's Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers That Will Make Him Full of Beans

Father's Day is just days away, and if you haven't got a gift yet, you need to hurry. There's still time to get something, though, so you can get cracking on your search. If you miss it, there's always the option of a belated present. Also, it does come around every year! Picking a gift can be hard, especially if you want to avoid tacky novelty ties and t-shirts with silly slogans. You should get Dad something he'll really love, based on one of his interests. If he's a coffee fan, there are so many presents you can buy him. Try these as a last-minute gift.

A Coffee Subscription

Your dad (or your child's dad) might love coffee, but perhaps he's stuck in his ways. He drinks the same coffee all the time, even though he's been making noises about trying a new one for ages. Or perhaps he's tried everything he can find in the nearest supermarket and needs to expand his horizons. A coffee subscription is the perfect gift to give such a dad. He'll get a new coffee every month, or perhaps every week or fortnight. You can try Handpicked by Cafe Direct, Pact, Brown Bear, The Coffee Roasters, and more. If you're not sure which one to go with, look up some reviews online first.

Coffee-making Equipment

Whenever someone gets into a particular food or drink, the next step after consuming lots of it is making it yourself. Beer lovers often start brewing, and cheese lovers try making some dairy goodness. While Dad might already make coffee at home, he might not be doing anything too sophisticated. If he wants to make coffee from scratch, he needs to have the proper equipment. If you want to get him a gift to help out, start by looking at coffee grinders. With a grinder, he'll be able to buy whole beans and grind his own coffee from them.

New Mugs or Cups

Coffee requires drinking receptacles, and some types of coffee are better in particular cups. You wouldn't put a shot of espresso in a large mug. If he enjoys the art of making and drinking coffee, some decent mugs or cups are essential. Start by thinking about what his kitchen and other crockery look like. You might get some chunky mugs, some delicate cappuccino glasses, or some cups and saucers. You could also buy a set of fancy spoons.

A Coffee Cupping Experience

If you loved wine, you would go to a wine tasting. If you love coffee, you should go to a coffee cupping class. Cupping is the word they use in the industry for coffee tasting, for some reason. If you want to give Dad an experience rather than a physical gift, you could send him to taste some coffee. You can find several places that do it, such as Ozone in London.

Make a coffee lover very happy this Father's Day by feeding into his passion. He'll love a gift that caters to his love of coffee.

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