Thursday, 9 June 2016

Supporting Your Sporty Childs Lifestyle


Having a sporty child can be both a source of pride and sometimes a challenge! However, you can support and nurture them in a number of ways that are both practical and fun and active.
Whatever the age of your sporty child, you can start by managing their diet and ensuring it is nutritious and healthy. When they are busy with school and training, this can be a challenge. You may be a working parent as well, so preparing fresh meals and having them ready in the freezer can be a lifeline. Have snacks prepared and ready. You can then throw them in the car along with the sports kit as you set off for another training session or game. There have been a number of studies recently that suggest the popular sports drinks are not always a good idea. So you could replace them with homemade smoothies or fresh juice. Water can never be beaten, so top up water bottles and have them ready. By keeping them healthy, you are preparing them for a healthy future. has even more guidance on raising an athlete.


Their training regime will probably be full on. Juggling school work, sports commitments and having some sort of social life can be difficult and times overwhelming. Helping them prepare and use a timetable can be a life skill they will use forever. This can be electronic and or paper based. Pinned somewhere prominent in their bedroom can be a useful reminder for both of you. Having an electronic copy can help when the coach requests an extra session. This can then be checked and recorded straight away. Time management can never start too young! here is a guide to making an effective timetable. here

You will probably be the taxi service and showing your child that consistent commitment is to be commended. You may, however, consider talking to other parents and sharing the load. Being there for games and other events is crucial to show your support. If you can organise a rota with others, it can help you and continue to build the bond between like-minded kids. If both of your children are on the same team or at the same club, great! This will help them bond.


Keeping kit and equipment clean and in good repair is part of the discipline of sport. So help them with this chore. Show them clever tips to keep their things in tip-top shape. Ensure they have somewhere clean and spacious to keep their kit. Good storage is a godsend and will keep the home free from the clutter of sports equipment
Supporting your sports mad kid also means giving them opportunities outside of sport. It maybe their whole life revolves around their activity and its commitments. So you can encourage them to view the wider world sometimes. Organising a family outing that doesn’t revolve around sport. Going to the cinema or meeting friends, even a shopping trip can help keep their love of sport fresh and vibrant. Find even more ideas for days out at


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