Monday, 20 June 2016

The Best Ways Your Family Can Start the Day

The importance of a good morning cannot be stressed enough. It is, after all, how you start your day. And the manner in which you start your day is going to inform the rest of your day. So it’s pretty important that you have a decent morning!

Of course, it can be tricky nailing the art of a good morning when the entire family are trying to get ready. Here are some essential tips that will help you do just that.

Get enough sleep!

One of the reasons most people hate mornings is because most people don’t get enough sleep. It’s been recommended all over the place that you should get at least eight hours sleep. How much sleep you need varies from person to person. In truth, seven hours is generally a good number to go for.

Make sure everyone in your household is getting that amount of sleep! It will help you feel more alert when you wake up. Getting out of bed and getting ready won’t feel like such a chore!

Don’t rush

Here’s the typical image of a family on a weekday morning. Everyone has gotten out of bed a few minutes later than they should have. They’re arguing over who gets to use the bathroom first. Breakfast is rushed, if breakfast is eaten at all. Parents get a little stressed. Everyone leaves a few minutes later than they wanted to.

You shouldn’t be rushing around in the morning! It’s just going to put you in a stressed state of mind for the first few hours of your day. Make sure everyone gets up on time. Consider waking up fifteen minutes earlier to allow yourself more time.

Eat a good breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Contrary to popular opinion, that question is actually still up in the air. But there’s no denying that not eating breakfast can affect the energy and concentration levels of a lot of people. This is particularly true for children.

Because mornings can be such a rush, breakfast is often comprised of a quick bowl of regular cereal and milk. Usually, that cereal is pretty sugary. Once you’ve gotten more time in your mornings, you can look into healthier options. Oatmeal, for example, is an amazing source of fiber and energy. Check out fresh cereals & oats online sale.

Have a routine

What are the things you all need to get done before you leave the house? I trust that you’re disciplined enough to do them all. But kids are another story! So consider a list of the common morning tasks. Brush your teeth, eat breakfast, get your backpacks ready - all that stuff.

With this, you can make a sort of checklist that has to be completed on time. Tell your kids that all those tasks should be completed at least five minutes before you all have to leave the house. And if they aren’t, maybe they should have any television or video game time that night. Hey, it sounds harsh, but it will definitely get them moving! This will help you all streamline your routine.

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