Monday, 18 July 2016

Everything I Considered When I Bought My First Family Car

I remember when I bought my first family car. Truth be told, it didn't seem like a big deal. I thought I could buy any car with four wheels and an average price tag, and that would be it. Once I began to explore the market, I realized there were a lot of important things to consider. How much space did I need? You should always think about the future so you might want a bigger vehicle. Is it the safest one on the road? Not all cars are equal when it comes to safety features. Does it have the modern tech that makes it an easier and more efficient car to drive? Obviously, when you’re a parent, you do start to think of cost as one of the main priorities. Join me then as I speed through how to pick the right family car.

Big Family?

If you have got a big family, I suggest you opt for a seven seater. I would suggest this, even if you only have four or five people in the family. When you have a big family, you’re usually carrying around a lot. Even the weekly shop adds about five extra bags. These cars come with the biggest boot space. If you’re not using all the seats, you can take a few out and have a massive space in the back. It’s also perfect if you’ve got a pet that wants to stretch out.

If you’re looking for comfort for your family, and space, think about a moderately priced SUV. These offer the best rides on the road and have all the extra space for comfort that you need. The suspension is the important part here. With a car like a Landrover, you won’t feel every bump of the tarmac.

Thinking About Safety?

You can find out about a car's safety features online. My advice is to look mainly at stopping distance and handling. If you read a review, you want a great stopping distance. Unfortunately, the cars with the best stopping distance are often the priciest. For instance, top range sports cars can stop in a couple of meters, even when traveling at a high speed. The Bugatti Veyron is famous for this, but that doesn’t make it a great family car. The price tag alone takes it out of the running completely. However, there are ways to make an average car safer. If you buy tyres for your car regularly, that’s going to improve the stopping distance. I suggest switching them once a year to keep the high level of grip that you want.

Air bags are another consideration. Many cars only have airbags for each front seat. However, some have airbags in the roof and on the back of the front seats. This gives extra protection for people traveling in the back as well as the front. Although, you will have to be careful transporting a baby in a vehicle like this.


Finally, I do recommend that you think about efficiency. Specifically, look at cars with great mpg. The less that you need to stop for fuel the better. It’s better to shell out a few extra bucks for the car than for it to be a gas guzzling machine.

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