Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fun Weekend Activities Kids With Tons Of Energy Will Love

As parents, the last thing we want our kids to spend their spare time doing is sitting glued to the TV or their games consoles. We want our children to be as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we like to encourage them to be active. Sometimes, however, no matter how active they seem to be, come bedtime they still have lashings of energy.

The good news is that if your child seems to have copious amounts of energy, there are plenty of weekend activities you can use to tire them out. It’s just a case of knowing what these life-saving activities are. To give you some ideas for keeping your little ones occupied and burning their energy, I've put together this guide.

Go on a hilly bike ride

bike ride 1.jpg

If a normal bike ride isn’t enough to tire your little ones out, it’s time to up the anti. Pack a picnic, including drinks and snacks and hop on your bikes for a day or cycling. Choose a route that’s a little more challenging that your regular one but is still off the roads, and head off. You’ll find that by opting for a hilly cycling route, your kids will use up a lot more energy than normal. A family bike ride and picnic will keep them occupied for the whole day and should tire them out ready for bedtime.

Take them trampolining

A great way to keep your little ones occupied at the weekend is by taking them trampolining. Choose a high adrenalin trampoline park that’s local to you and book them in for a class or a period of free bouncing. The great thing about trampolining is that it’s fun, fast, and burns a lot of calories and energy, making it ideal for kids who have lashings of energy. Pop your little ones on a trampoline for an hour or so and come bedtime they’ll be ready to drop.

Arrange a group picnic in the park

Get some of your friends together for a group picnic in the park. Pack a picnic, take some sports equipment, and spend the day in the park. The great thing about this is that your kids will have plenty of other kids to play with, so should be knackered by the end of the day. Play lots of games, like football and rounders, and let your little ones tire themselves out. The more running about they do, the better.

Go swimming

swimming boy.jpg

Kids love splashing about in the water, so why not plan a day of swimming fun? This could be at your local indoor pool, or if you’ve got a lido near you, you could take them there. Swimming burns lots of calories and uses a lot of energy, making it the perfect activity for tiring out your little monsters. The more swimming they do, the more sleepy they’ll be at bedtime.

If your kids have lashings of energy and never seem to be tired, give the above activities a try this weekend. They just might tire them out.

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