Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Perfect Gifts For New Mothers

When a new little bundle of joy is born, everyone's first reaction is to shower them with gifts. As wonderful as this, sometimes it’s nice to spoil the new mom too. Make her feel special and appreciated with one of the selections of items suggested below.

Early motherhood is one of those crazy time in a woman's life where she might not get dressed for several days at a time. Things can be a bit chaotic at first while adjusting to bringing Baby home. Then there are all the times that they will need to get up in the night to feed and change Baby.

To make this a little easier and a bit more comfortable, why not get mom some comfy but smart sleepwear. Cotton and waffle bathrobes make a good choice, especially for keeping out the cold in the middle of the night. Or you could go for a stylish pair of pajamas.

Another good suggestion for a new mother's gift is a food hamper. Remember mum has just her whole pregnancy giving up some of her favorite treats like soft cheeses to ensure Baby's health. So a goodie basket full of the items that previously have been forbidden is sure to put a smile on her face.

Spa Day
Labour is a physically and emotionally demanding experience and can take a while to recover from. Not to mention the added strain of having a new bundle of joy to look after. That's why it's essential that mum gets some relaxing and recuperating time all for herself.


A great way of providing this for her in gift form is with a massage or spa day voucher. This will give mum an hour of relaxing, in which just to focus on herself.

It's an oldie but a goodie. A lovely bunch of flowers is a wonderful gift that celebrates the birth of a new child and mum's role in it all. You can choose to get the bouquet in blue or pink depending on the sex of the child. Or you can go with an attractive seasonal display.


There's quite a range of delivered flowers available now. You can get baskets, glass vases or even send a bouquet by post. Most people include a small gift for the baby too like a cuddly toy.


Name necklace
A slightly more upmarket gift for a new mother is a personalised name necklace. These are available with the baby's details on and make a fantastic memento of the birth that mum can wear again and again.

They come in all different styles and types of materials so you are bound to find something that will suit the lady in question. You can even choose to include birthstones, birthdates, and weights to make it very personalised.

Memento Gifts
Another gift that works along the personalisation line is a decorative memento, which records the date, time and weight of the baby at birth. There some different items you can choose from. You can get decorative plates and plaques that are ready made. Or framed prints to match the little one's nursery colours.

Another popular new baby gift is a “baby's first’ book. Where mum can record the first time that baby hits a major milestone like talking, walking or teething. Or even save a lock of their hair.

Survival Kit
A fun gift for a new mum is a survival kit. You can buy these ready made or make up your own hamper and finish it with cellophane for a really professional look.

You can include things like decaffeinated teas, skin moisturiser and a baby sling. Why not also try a soothing lavender pillow to help her get some shut eye while Baby is napping. Also, an eye mask is great for when is bright daylight outside, but she gets the chance to nod off for a few minutes. Include a copy of her favorite magazines so she can keep up to date with what's going on in the outside world too.


Book or Kindle Voucher
Now, if may seem a bit random to get a new mum a book or kindle voucher. But the truth is there is not too much that you can do when you are breast feeding. It's nice to have a book that you can pick up to keep yourself entertained while Baby is getting his lunch.


Just remember to reminder her to keep it to hand, as she won't want to disturb babies feeding just to get to the end of the next chapter.

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