Thursday, 10 November 2016

Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday With These Meaningful Party Activities

Where has the time gone? One minute you were in the hospital and now you’re about to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. It’s an exciting occasion for both you and them. Even though your baby is unlikely to remember their first birthday, it’s still important to celebrate it. Most parents decide to throw a small birthday party to help mark the occasion. This is an excellent idea as it allows your baby to be surrounded by their loved ones on their big day. But why not make your baby’s first birthday party even more meaningful. Take a look at these beautiful and heartfelt activities, which will make this special day even more magical.

Create letters

Before your baby’s birthday party begins, set up a letter writing station in a corner of a room. This should include papers, pens and envelopes that your guests can write on. When they arrive, encourage your guests to write a letter to your baby. This can then be presented to your child on their 18th birthday. This is a simple activity to include at your baby’s birthday party but it’s one that everyone can get involved in. The letters could contain advice for your baby when they are older or funny stories from the past year. Your guests might also want to draw pictures or write poems to your baby too. Ask your guests to put their letter in a box with a sealable lid and store this in a safe place where it cannot get damaged.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree to commemorate your baby’s first birthday is another meaningful activity you might want to try. Many parents love this idea because they can imagine their child playing or sitting under the tree when they are older. Look into bay, chestnut or greengage tree planting beforehand to ensure you choose the best tree for your garden. Also consider the available space in your garden. Once you’ve bought the most suitable sized tree possible, get your friends and family to help you plant it in your garden. This can be a very sociable party activity that brings everyone together.  For an special touch, add a plaque to the tree with your baby’s name one.

Film video messages

Technology is a wonderful thing, so why not use it to help capture such a special occasion. You can hire a videographer or use your phone to film messages from each of your baby’s party guests. Create a DIY photobooth in your home which your guests can enter to record their message. This is another activity which could make a fantastic birthday gift for your baby’s 18th. Alternatively, why not record your guest and yourself singing along to your baby’s favourite song. Make sure your baby is in shot to capture how excited they get when they hear everyone singing together.

So whether you use one or all of these activity ideas, they can help you commemorate this important day in the right way. When your baby gets older, they will love looking back and seeing just how you celebrated their first birthday.

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